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 Strategy Guide

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PostSubject: Strategy Guide   Strategy Guide Icon_minitime1Sat May 12, 2018 12:49 am

1) Yakamaru will start at the base pool. DPS should attack the boss and do as much damage as possible, only stopping once Jellyfish spawn. After Yakamaru reaches the next threshold, the serpent will go to another random pool.

2) Follow the pool mechanics (explained below) until Yakamaru is at 100K health. Once this happens, a green arrow will show where the poison will land. Someone must immediately go to the square and absorb the poison, then get in melee distance of Yakamaru to pass the poison over.

3) Once Yakamaru heads to the base pool, someone will need to run to the beach and resuscitate the person who absorbed the poison. After successfully resuscitating the player, pick up the planks that spawn along the beach as you will need them later in the fight. Continue doing damage to Yakamaru while the serpent is in the base pool and it will proceed to the next phase after the next threshold is met.

4) Repeat the previous two steps until Yakamaru enters the Mirage phase. Make sure everyone has 1-3 planks each, or the kill may be ruined. During this phase players will have repeat each pool, however all pools will be active at once. It is recommended that one person volunteers to tank the two north pools. Phoenix necklaces are recommended for tanking the quicksand.

5) After each pool has been defeated, the players must click on the pool to place their planks on top to prevent Yakamaru from re-spawning. Once each pool has been defeated, the team will focus Yakamaru in the base pool to finish the kill.
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Strategy Guide
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