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 Pool Explanation

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PostSubject: Pool Explanation   Pool Explanation Icon_minitime1Sat May 12, 2018 12:52 am

Each mechanic will occur once every 5th auto attack (Yakamaru attack). Most mechanics can be avoided if you count and prepare for them, similar to Nex during ice and blood phase.

1) Northernmost Pool - This is the Stun phase. Using a stun will increase the damage Yakamaru takes by 100%. No more than four stuns should be used during this phase, as the damage increases each time. It is advised that one person does the stuns and alerts the team beforehand. The damage for each stun is roughly 1000, 2000, 5000, 7000.

2) North-West Pool - This is the Quicksand phase. Yakamaru will bury people into the ground and they will need to be freed by those who are not in the ground. Players can avoid this mechanic by standing out of attack range after the 5th auto attack.

3) Westernmost Pool - This is the Sharknado Phase. Players will have to dodge the sharks (by using surge) once they land underneath them. Remember to only surge once the shark lands underneath you, otherwise it will follow you to your current location.

4) Southernmost Pool - This is the Tendrils phase. Players will have to use freedom to prevent consistent and increased damage from Tendrils. It is possible for the tank to avoid the mega-tendrils by moving positions every 5th auto attack.
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Pool Explanation
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