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PostSubject: Vital Information   Vital Information Icon_minitime1Sat May 12, 2018 1:04 am

1) If the tank stands outside of Yakamaru's auto attack range, it is possible to negate damage and delay auto attacks. A shield-bow is recommended for this.

2) Yakamaru takes damage from Blood Necklace, deflection prayers and Dreadnips.

3) Yakumaru does range and magic damage which hits everybody, similar to Kree'arra

4) Yakamaru is unable to move, it is restricted to the pools of water within the arena.

5) Yakamaru is able to damage familiars. It is recommended that Legendary Pets be used for this encounter.

6) Yakamaru will change mechanics based on what pool it's currently in.

7) Yakamaru deals MAGIC damage when a player is in Melee Distance.

8) Yakamaru deals RANGED damage when a player is outside of Melee Distance.

9) It is advised that more than one tank is used to preserve as much food as possible. To avoid taking too much damage, the tanks should alternate while using Devotion>Resonance>Barricade. When the off-tank is not tanking, they should proceed to DPS.

10) At any point in time, a player can use Barricade and the Lunar Spell: Heal Other to heal as many teammates as possible. This is useful for surviving burst damage and saving food.

11) Remember to keep your health above 7500.

12) Try not to stun for double damage in Phase 3 as it may put those killing jellies in risk.

13) It is advised that players stun during phase 4, however do NOT stun more than three times during the phase.

14) During phase 6 it is useful for DPS to use devotion as often as possible.
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Vital Information
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