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 Gear and Mechanics

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PostSubject: Gear and Mechanics   Gear and Mechanics Icon_minitime1Sat May 12, 2018 1:25 am

Recommended Gear:

For Twin Furies, Melee is the preferred set-up with a Halberd type weapon such as Dragon Rider Lance and Noxious Scythe. Magic and Range, while not as effective as melee, can still be a viable option.


The Twin Furies attack with Melee (Avaryss) and Range (Nymora). Together, they have a total health of 200k. However, both twins share this health meaning attacks that damage dealt to both twins will count against there health.The Twin Furies have three main abilities that are repeated in order.
Wall Charge, Colapasing Ceiling, and Channeled Bomb.

Wall Charge: Avaryss will begin jumping between walls, charging at her targetted player which deals heavy damage. Her charge will always follow this pattern; North Wall, West Wall, South Wall, East Wall. To avoid this attack, do not be in the same row Avaryss is charging.

Collapsing Ceiling: After Wall Charge, Nymora will fly to a random position on the arena and stalactites will begin to fall dealing incredibly fast damage. To avoid damage, run toward Nymora and stay beside her.

Channeled Bomb: After Collapsing Ceilling the Twins will converge at the center of the arena and charge a bomb. A ring of fire will spawn around the outer perimeter of the arena and deal heavy damage. The player will take continuous and unavoidable magic damage. An adrenaline bar will fill up at the top of each Fury and once filled the bomb will explode dealing heavy damage. To avoid this attack, the player must not stand around the outer perimeter to avoid the flames. Before the adrenaline bar fills up, the player must run to the outer perimeter toward the fire and stay there when the bomb explodes. If done correctly the fire will no longer damage the player just as the bob is about to go off and the player will be far enough away so the bomb does not hit them.
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Gear and Mechanics
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