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 Beginner Guide

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PostSubject: Beginner Guide   Beginner Guide Icon_minitime1Sat May 12, 2018 1:27 am

Start the fight by protecting from range. Avaryss will do her dash from the North wall to the South wall, so move either East or West to avoid the first charge, North and South to avoid the next charge, East or West again, and finally North and South on her fourth charge. While this is happening Nymora will be attacking her her range auto-attack. Attack Nymora as you avoid Avaryss's charge attacks.

After the fourth charge Avaryss will start attacking with melee. Here you can switch to melee pray and line the Twins together and perform AOE attacks. The Twins share Health, therefore attacking both of them will add-up against there total Health. During this transition phase, watch Nymora so prepare for her Collapsing Ceilling attack.

When Nymora flies away, run after her and stand within 2 tiles of her to avoid the stalactites. While this attack is happening Avaryss will continue attacking with melee. Keep melee protection prayers up and attack Avaryss. Once Nymora finishes her attack another Transition phase will occur before Channelled Bomb.

Make sure you are away from the outer perimeter of the arena and meet the twins in the middle once they begin charging the bomb. In this phase both Nymora and Avaryss take increased damage so dealing your highest damaging attacks will be beneficial here. Remember the twins share the same Health so attacking both twins while in this phase will deal a lot of damage. Just before the bomb explodes, as the adrenaline bar reaches to full, use the Surge or Escape ability to move to the outer perimeter of the arena and avoid the bomb attack.

Repeat this process, until the fight is over.
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Beginner Guide
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