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PostSubject: Advanced Guide   Advanced Guide Icon_minitime1Sat May 12, 2018 1:29 am

This guide follows every detail of the beginner guide except for a few changes. It's wise to keep protection prayers up as they help mitigate damage dealt. Using Soul Split here can be viable if one's dps is high enough to heal more than take damage, however, running around the arena avoiding attacks does lower your dps dramatically so keeping your protection prayers up will be a good idea for the first two phases of the fight.

Soul Split is key during Channeled Bomb. Because the twins will not be attacking, damage is only limited to the constant magic damage you will be taking. Assuming the player is using melee, activate Berserk to increase your dps and use AOE abilities such as Cleave, Hurricane, and Quake to hit both Twins while praying Soul Split. This will heal a substantial amount of health and deal plenty of dps assuming this did not finish the fight.
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Advanced Guide
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