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PostSubject: Advanced Guide   Advanced Guide Icon_minitime1Sat May 12, 2018 1:41 am

This guide assumes you understand Vindicta and her attack rotations. This guide is very similar to the Beginner Guide with a few more complex tactics to help against the fight. During Phase one, after the single auto-attack before her pause, you can switch to soul split and stand within melee distance of her to get some quick heals. Assuming you are using magic, the most optimal dps would be to use Natural Instinct during her "Pause" and activating Sunshine after Fire Line. This will help reach your thresholds faster before Sunshine goes away.

Utilizing the spell Vulnerability and the Guthix Staff Special can help deal more magic damage.

During Phase 2, rather than switching to range pray, simply keep melee pray up. After her first auto-attack, equip a shield or defender and use the ability Resonance. This will cause the range attack to heal you rather than damage. If using magic, the range attack should deal much more damage and by using a high tier shield, Resonance can heal much more health. After Resonance, immediately use the ability Preparation to help bring Resonance out of cooldown.

Vindicta's rotation is far faster than Resonance's cooldown. Using Devotion while praying range will help nullify her range attack if resonance is unavailable. If both Resonance and Devotion are unavailable, using Range protection prayer with Debilitate and Reflect will also help mitigate damage. Basically, use resonance as your primary way to heal off Vindicta, while using your other defensive abilities to keep her damage at a manageable level. This will help sustain your trips and lower food consumption.

After each fight, stall your adrenaline to help build back up to Natural Instinct and repeat the process.
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Advanced Guide
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