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 Inventory Set Up

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PostSubject: Inventory Set Up   Inventory Set Up Icon_minitime1Fri May 11, 2018 10:55 pm


The Shield: Very important for tanking. If for some reason you need to tank something, bring it. Even if you're dps and it makes you feel safe having it, do it. If you have Vanse as BT and you're sure he's going to 100% die, bring it and take over his position.

The Main-Hand weapon: Of course, you cannot build adrenaline with just a shield. Bring a main hand weapon to complement your shield cause Devotion requires Adrenaline.

Overloads: Clearly because you are the best of the best and you should only use the best of the best stuff. If you're cheap, like Vanse, buy a Warmaster Potion. They're almost as good.

Super Restores: For your prayer points.

Saradomin Brews: For healing but you don't really need these unless you're a tank.

Food: Vanse is too cheap to buy Sailfish, Rocktail Soup or Rocktails for that matter.

Beast of Burden: Should be full of food, no screenshots needed.

Optional Stuff:

Enhanced Excalibur: It will heal you 40% of your hp overtime without adrenaline use. You get this by completing the Seers Village Elite Tasks.

Debuffing Equipment: Your Statius Warhammer, Guthix Staff, Vulnerability Runes, and Bandos God Books will help your teams DPS by debuffing affinity. Debuff equals more DPS which equals faster kills.

Dreadnips: They deal dps at the cost of one inventory space. If you try and tell me the free DPS does not justify one inventory space then I will turn away and not listen. You get these for killing 500 bosses at Dominion Tower.

Steel Titan and Legend of Steel Scrolls: If you're too good at this game and you don't need a yak, bring a Titan for good dps.

Ring of Vigour and Asylum Surgeon Ring switches: Asylum Surgeon Ring has high stats, does not degrade, and can prevent adrenaline lost. Ring of Vigour saves 10% adrenaline per ultimate use. ASR is from the Broken Home quest time trial and Vigour is from dungeoneering.(edited)
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Inventory Set Up
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