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 Encounter Breakdown

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PostSubject: Encounter Breakdown   Encounter Breakdown Icon_minitime1Fri May 11, 2018 11:15 pm

This your "How to fight Beastmaster Durzag" for dummies version. For more detailed guides scroll down and find the role you have been assigned to do. And look, to make it easier for you I even underlined the most important parts so you don't get confused.(edited)
We begin the fight by having all 10 members in the arena, and yes it's almost always 10 because this server is for teaching. The fight has two phases (hoard phase) (boss encounter), but in reality I like to think that the fight actually has 8 stages, so I'll explain why I think there's 8 and not 2.

1) First Airut Phase: This one is simple, Airuts will spawn and so will Chargers. Kill them all until the counter drops to 20 (although for some reason the counter is glitched so the rule of thumb is if it's less than 25 prepare for the next phase). Initially you want to pray range, but if an Airut is within 5 spaces of you, chances are it's going to kill you with melee and it will do it really really fast. So pray melee if an Airut is close to you or if you see your hp dropping fast.

2) Comes Spawns: The first pet Cormes spawns when the counter hits 20 (technically the counter is glitched but we already went over that). When Cormes spawns at the West, trust me he's really hard to miss, PT1/3 will turn the pet around and two melee airuts will spawn at the North and South side and Chargers will spawn at the East. Kill the Airuts FIRST, then Kill Cormes, save the CHARGERS FOR LAST. If all the chargers die more Airuts spawn. There's a glitch where the Chargers will not spawn so if there are no more Chargers, quickly pray melee and prepare for the worse.

3) Yay more Airuts: Just like stage 1 more Airuts will spawn. This time Chargers don't spawn but the down side is there's even more Airuts and they come in two waves of 8. So, just live through these last two stages of Airuts and you'll move on to the real boss fight.

4) The Boss shows up: Good news you survived Hoard Phase and Airuts won't spawn anymore. Bad News the real boss fight has started. Beastmaster Durzag and one of his pets (randomly between Tuz or Krar) will spawn at the North Side. The NC, BT, BU, and PT2 will assume there positions, if your role isn't one of these then you're in the center dpsing the pet to 150k.

5) The Third Pet joins the fray: The third pet will spawn in one of the four corner. The PT1/3 takes this one and puts it in a corner NOT being occupied by either the Base Tank or PT2. If PT1/3 is sitll not your role, you dps the pet to 150k and move to the next stage.

6) Both pets are 150k or less: When both pets are 150k or less, Attack Beastmaster Durzag and get his health to 750k before any of the pets die. Let me repeat myself, DO NOT KILL THE PETS UNTIL DURZAG IS AT 750k. I don't care how you do things in your other raid group.

7) Kill the pets: When Durzag has 750k hp or less, Kill both pets. No seriously that's all for this part. Sometimes when your Pet Tanks are superbly pro, they will kill the pets just as Durzag hits 750k. If this happens make sure you let the Pet Tank know they are the best at what they do, that is unless they let the pet kill someone.

Cool Kill Durzag: The title says it all we're moving on to the next section of this guide.
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Encounter Breakdown
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