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 DPS Guide for Success

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PostSubject: DPS Guide for Success   DPS Guide for Success Icon_minitime1Fri May 11, 2018 11:24 pm

If you're DPS, odds are this is your first time here or you're here because all the safer roles are taken. Regardless here's how you properly do the DPS role in accordance to the 8 stages I talked about above.

1) You're in the center killing Airuts. Don't forget to switch to melee protect if an Airut is near you.

2) You're killing the Airuts FIRST and then killing Cormes. You are ignoring the Chargers.

3) You're killing more Airuts. See 1) for more details.

4) Durzag and the second pet spawns. Get the second pet to 150k Protect from Range.

5) The third pet spawns, get this one to 150k.

6) Both pets are 150k, get Durzag to 750k hp. Protect from Melee.

7) Durzag is at 750k hp? Kill the pets. Protect from Range or Melee if you have Chargers.


Helpful Tips:

-Keep HP above 6-8k. Trust me there's too many bullsh*ts in this fight to have your HP any lower.

- Switch your prayer depending on the distance of any Airuts. Close equals Melee Far equal Range.

-Don't be anywhere near the pets. They can get stuck if you are in there way.

-Durzag throws these 6 legged pigs with bombs on them, click them to get rid of them.

-Speaking of bombs if the bomb is moving away from you don't bother picking it up. Get the ones moving toward you.
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DPS Guide for Success
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