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 North Charger (NC)

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PostSubject: North Charger (NC)   North Charger (NC) Icon_minitime1Fri May 11, 2018 11:29 pm

Also known as DPS with Responsibilities. This role is just DPS but they have an extra step.

1) You're in the center killing Airuts. Don't forget to switch to melee protect if an Airut is near you.
2) You're killing the Airuts FIRST and then killing Cormes. You are ignoring the Chargers.
3) You're killing more Airuts. See 1) for more details.
4) STOP! this one is different.

4) You will get into position before Durzag spawns. You will be at the east side opening Charger cages and meeting the BU at the South West corner to kill all your chargers.

After you've killed all the chargers you are now a DPS role please refer to the DPS Guide for steps 5 to 8.
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North Charger (NC)
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