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 Pet Tank 2 (PT2)

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PostSubject: Pet Tank 2 (PT2)   Pet Tank 2 (PT2) Icon_minitime1Fri May 11, 2018 11:38 pm

This will always be your first tanking role in the PvM server, assuming you're a learner. If you're not I assume you're reading this for quality entertainment. Your responsibilities start just before Durzag spawns. If you have this role you're not nooby enough for me to go around copy pasting DPS Guide from steps 1 to 4 on here and if you are then why are you in this role.

Everything you need to know:

- Your pet will be random between Tuz or Krar.

- Tuz does Magic damage and Krar does Range (pray accordingly).

- Do not be in melee distance of any pet, it will not be pleasant.

- To tank, you attack the pet and use the Provoke ability.

- Your job is to essentially hold the pet until the DPS pile decides to kill it.

- The pet will jump to random party members so go after it and use Provoke to get it back.

-Get back your Pet asap and bring it back into position.

-When your pet dies, congratulations you're DPS role again.

Helpful Abilities: Use these to stay alive, preferably with a shield on hand.

-Provoke: to get your pet's attention.

-Devotion: to take no damage.

-Debilitate: You take less damage.

-Reflect: You take less damage and it works with Debilitate. Requires a shield.

-Barricade: You take no damage. Requires a shield.

You will Provoke the pet. You will stay in your corner unless PT1/3 needs your corner. If PT1/3 comes to your corner YOU move to the other corner. Remember it's PT2 WHO GIVES UP THEIR SPOT for PT1/3 if they need it.
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Pet Tank 2 (PT2)
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