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 Pet Tank 1/3 (PT1/3)

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Pet Tank 1/3 (PT1/3) Empty
PostSubject: Pet Tank 1/3 (PT1/3)   Pet Tank 1/3 (PT1/3) Icon_minitime1Fri May 11, 2018 11:46 pm

When you graduate from being a PT2 you become a PT1/3. Your job is 99% identical to PT2 except you get two pets this time instead of one. Remember that Cormes pet you fight back when you were just a wee dps role with no priori responsibilites, yeah...those were good times. Well this time you have to tank Cormes and he spawns after we kill 20 Airuts or so. After that you wait until the third pet spawn and you do everything you used to do as a PT2.(edited)
Here's a nice map detailing your role:

This is where Cormes spawns...Always. And he will always use Range attacks so pray Protect from Range. If you're too close to him he'll do both Range and Melee, so try not to be too close to him cause you'd probably like to keep your supplies before you tank the next pet.

There is a possibility that a third pet can spawn. It will spawn when Beastmaster Durzag yells "Here Boy". Don't worry usually the BT, BU, NC, PT2 will scream where the pet is cause they're usually in a corner it does spawn in.

*Remember, you're technically pet tank 2 so you have to put your pet in one of the corners again. This time though if the PT2 is in the spot you need to be in, kindly tell them to move to the other corner. If they don't then they're doing there job wrong and it's not your fault.

Dragging any of the pets toward DPS is a big no no in most raid servers. At all times, the pets must be facing away from the DPS pile.

Just like PT2, once your pet is dead hopefully when Durzag hits 750k hp. Then you become a DPS role. You're experienced enough with this raid for me not to be explaining that role.
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Pet Tank 1/3 (PT1/3)
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